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Most people think of training as something they do to improve their performance. But the reality is that training can have a much more profound impact on your company and your team than just making you better at what you do. Training is an opportunity for everyone involved in the process to grow together, learn new skills, and build stronger relationships with each other—and it’s not just employees who benefit from this kind of investment in their professional lives; it also benefits employers by helping them attract more talented workers who want to work for them because they know how much effort went into creating something great.

How to find ideas for your training

● Use Google Trends.

● Ask your team what they want to learn.

● Find gaps in your knowledge and those of the people on your team, then figure out how you can fill them with information from ZOHO Analytics Training.

Ten key questions to ask yourself to craft relevant training.

● What is the goal of the training?

● What is the target audience for this training?

● What message do you want to convey in this training?

● Which concepts and skills are most important for your audience, and why?

● How will you structure your content, so it’s easy for people to learn from, understand, and retain information from this course (i.e., do you want them reading through some slides or watching videos)?

● What do you want your learners to be able to accomplish at the end of this training? 

● Do you have any examples, stories, or case studies that would help illustrate these concepts for your audience? 

● What are some of the most common mistakes people make when working with data in ZOHO Analytics, and how can we avoid them? 

● How will you deliver this training, so it’s easy for people to learn from, understand, and retain information from this course (i.e., do you want them reading through some slides or watching videos)?

Testing and retesting your great ideas.

Zoho analytics training

Testing and retesting your great ideas is essential. If you are planning to teach a course, you must test the training with a small group of people before you start classes. Then, after that initial testing period has passed, ask for feedback from those who have taken the course—especially those who didn’t attend any classes!

The goal here isn’t just to find out whether or not people liked what was taught in class; instead, look for indicators of whether or not students got anything valuable from attending your session(s). This helps ensure that future sessions will be more successful because they will already have been evaluated by previous participants’ responses and their own experiences with the content covered in earlier sessions.

You are helping your team embrace the challenge of creating excellent training.

Before you start putting together a training, take some time to think about who you will be teaching it. Will they be an internal team or an external one? If it is the latter, consider whether they will need additional resources like video or audio content that isn’t specific to your organization. If it is internal and they don’t have any existing materials (or even if they do), consider how much time you want to spend on training materials before choosing a format.

When creating your training plans, consider how well motivated each person on the team is going into making something extraordinary happen with their job responsibilities—and whether or not any barriers are preventing them from doing so. For example: “I’m excited about this opportunity because I know my boss will appreciate all of my hard work when he sees what we have done here,” says one employee who wants nothing more than praise from his boss; meanwhile, another coworker might say “This project needs more attention than usual because my manager has been away most of this week.” You will want someone who feels passionate about their subject matter so that when given access to new territory, there won’t be any hesitation in switching gears quickly enough before getting too comfortable with old ways again.

A training plan is not something you do once but lasts for years and can benefit many people.

A training plan is not something you do once but lasts for years and can benefit many people. It’s a learning and personal growth framework that multiple teams, locations, and years can use. That is why we created the Zoho Analytics Training Plan template. 

The first step is to choose a course or module from our list of courses below:

● ZOHO Analytics Data Science Course (https://www.zoho.com/analytics-data-science/)

● ZOHO Analytics Business Intelligence Course (https://www.zoho.com/analytics-businessintelligence/)

You will then use the following steps to fill out your plan: 

  1. Choose a course or module to start with
  2. Go through the course materials, taking notes where appropriate (this will help you retain more information)
  3. Consider what skills you want to learn and how they can be applied to your work tasks. 
  4. After you have completed a course or module, look at your notes and decide on the next step. If you are still trying to decide what to learn next, consider using our analytics toolkit (https://www.zoho.com/analytics-toolkit/) to help guide your decision-making process.


You now know how to create excellent training and how to do it. But let’s face it: sometimes, we all get stuck in our ruts. That is why I encourage you not to be afraid of asking for help. Asking for advice can be challenging, but if there is one thing I know about companies that have successfully implemented training programs.


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