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Amazon Business is a service that provides a suite of features, including order tracking and fulfillment, customer support and reporting, inventory management and warehousing, multi-channel sales, and marketing. Amazon Business offers professional sellers the tools they need to grow their businesses. These include:

Free shipping

● Free Shipping is available on all orders over $25.

● Free Shipping is available on millions of items, including many of the best-selling products in Amazon’s catalog.

● Free shipping is available to all customers, including Prime members and non-prime members.

Quantity discounts

Quantity discounts are a great way to save money on your purchases. They are applied when you order multiple items at once or buy many items at once.

The discount amount will vary from one company to another, but it is usually somewhere between 10% and 50%, depending on what kind of item is being purchased. The discount can be applied per item or across all orders within 48 hours (usually) after making payment for those items. 

Suppose you want these discounts as soon as possible after placing an order with Amazon Business. In that case, we recommend waiting until midnight EST before placing any orders because this gives us enough time to process those orders before our close time, which is 3 pm PST every day except Sunday when it’s closed due to US holidays such as Thanksgiving Day, etc.

 Amazon Business

Tax exemption program

As a seller on Amazon Business, you can get an exemption certificate for your business. This means that you can avoid paying sales tax on all items sold in the state where you have registered with the state and have a business license.

The exemption certificate process is simple:

● You need to visit your local Department of Taxation website and fill out the form (https://www.taxes.virginia.gov/forms/businesses/)

● Once submitted, they send off your information via email. This takes about ten days, but they will let us know when they have received everything.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders are a way to request products from your suppliers. You can create purchase orders using the Amazon Business console and use them to track inventory, manage PO spending and compare actuals to forecasts.

Purchase Orders allow you to track inventory, manage PO spend & forecast costs with accuracy.

Request a quote

Requesting a quote is a way to get a quick response from the seller. You can request quotes for different items, shipping options, and quantities of the same item or different quantities of the same item.

For example: If you want to buy 100 boxes of diapers but need to know if you will need them all at once or over time (maybe your baby will outgrow them soon), then you will probably want to buy 100 at once. But that is not what’s going on with your business plan. In that case, it makes more sense for Amazon Business sellers like yourself who aren’t planning any big purchases now but have been considering expanding their business anyway.

Consolidated invoicing

Consolidation is a feature that allows you to combine all your invoices into one invoice. This means that when you sell products through Amazon, the company will consolidate all your billing and shipping information into one invoice.

The consolidated invoice is available in the Amazon Business manager dashboard, as well as through the Amazon Business app and Seller Central. It can be viewed by customers and sellers alike, so they know exactly how much they owe for each item purchased from you.

Centralized billing

Amazon Business enables you to manage billing for all your business accounts in one place. You can set up a payment method for each business account and see a summary of all your business accounts at once.

The Centralized Billing feature gives you the ability to:

● Manage all of your Amazon Business accounts in one place (iCloud or web browser)

● Create recurring payments within the same system (iCloud or web browser)

Approval workflow

Once you have created an order, it’s easy to assign approvals. You can create a workflow for each order type and specify who needs to approve the order. Amazon Business also provides you with the ability to add notes about each purchase as well. This makes it easier for people responsible for approving purchases on behalf of other employees, or managers at your company may want more information about what they’re approving before they approve it themselves.

Amazon business features

Amazon Business features include the following:

● Free shipping on orders over $49.99

● Quantity discounts with no minimum purchase required.

● Tax exemption program for businesses that meet certain criteria, such as having a physical location within the US or Canada and having more than 100 employees working in your business.

● Purchase orders for recurring purchases (e.g., monthly subscriptions) from vendors who have a relationship with you through Amazon Web Services, Seller Central, or Marketplace sellers who sell directly through their storefronts on Amazon’s website. This allows you to manage all aspects of processing payments from these vendors directly from within your account rather than having them sent each month separately.


We hope that you have found this article useful. If you have any questions or comments about the Amazon business features, please feel free to comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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