Tesla Crash: Indian-Origin Doctor Intentionally Drives Family off Cliff, Wife Blames His Depression

Tesla Crash

An Indian- American family in California survived plunging off a 250- bottom precipice in their Tesla in January. Radiologist Dharmesh Patel was arrested on tried murder and child abuse charges.



Dharmesh Patel, the Indian- American croaker who was with his family inside a Tesla auto that plunged off a 250- bottom precipice in California in January, criticized the vehicle for allegedly conking , while his woman said he drove the auto off the precipice on purpose. He and his family, including a four- time-old son and seven- time-old son, miraculously survived the fall off Devil’s Slide, a dangerous and rocky area known for its fatal auto smashups.

Patel, 41, told investigators that while the Indian- origin family was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway, the detector in his white Tesla Model Y indicated that the tyre pressure was low, New York Post reported, quoting documents. The auto, he claimed, fell off the ocean- facing precipice when he tried to stop the auto and check the tyres.

His woman, Neha, still, refuted this claim and said Dharmesh Patel was suffering from depression and drove off the precipice designedly.

“ He drove out. He’s depressed. He’s a croaker. He said he was going to drive off the precipice. He deliberately drove off, ” Neha Patel told the police on the day of the incident while she was being flown in a copter after being saved from the crash point, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The woman, while being pulled out from the auto, told a deliverance worker “ commodity to the effect that the motorist, her hubby Dharmesh Patel, did it on purpose, ” the review quoted police officer Aaron Sapien as writing in an affidavit.
She also told him that her hubby needs a psych evaluation. She said that questionable Patel drove them off and repeated this multiple times, ” the officer reportedly wrote, adding that another deliverance worker heard her say that Patel drove off the precipice on purpose and “ tried to kill everyone ”.

While Dharmesh Patel had serious lower body injuries and was hospitalised for weeks, his woman
and son too entered serious injuries. The couple’s son suffered minor injuries. In February, the radiologist, who was arrested while he was in sanitarium, contended not shamefaced to charges of tried murder and causing grave injuries to his family.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had responded to news reports about the Patel family’s miraculous escape, calling it “ good news ” in a tweet.


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