Scott Galloway Brand Strategy

Scott Galloway Brand Strategy 

In today’s world, learning is a more important thing than work. All person tries to upgrade their position from their current job. For that, Scott galloway’s brand strategy helps people to enrich their work. Scott galloway’s method is also called section 4 brand sprint. It is an online learning platform that offers people high-level business education at a lower cost. It contains a three-week course at the expense of $875. The top university professor explained it, and they explained new, relevant topics for modern business.

Who is Scott galloway?

Scott galloway is the Professor of Marketing at NYU stern school of business, where he teaches Brand strategy and digital marketing strategy to second-year MBA students. Section 4 was founded by Scott Galloway, also known as “Prof G.” He also founded several companies and has written best-selling books such as “The four” and “Algebra of happiness.”

Scott Galloway Brand Strategy


He is also the author of the Digital IQ Index and has become a global prestige brand digital competence ranking. He also founded a subscription business intelligence, firm serving process, and red envelope in an ecommerce business. In 2012, he was named one of the world’s 50 best business professors. He was also a prophet about a global brand strategy which was consulted with 250 professors. Afterward, he was named the Professor of the world economic Forum and was less than 40.

Why brand strategy sprint?

Professor Scott Galloway has experience researching, building, and working with some of the world’s biggest brands. His strategy has worked with all brand models. So why have to leave the opportunity to work with a famous brand specialist? Through his course, I learned how to identify your brand value proposition and communicate your value to the customer. It makes an identity, strength, and opportunities for your brand. It may create a different framework and models for brand strategy.

4 Steps in Scott Galloway Brand Strategy :

The Scott Galloway course was taken in four main steps established to the people uniquely.

Most important Brand strategy sprint:

1. The clock Model:

The clock model uses to evaluate the interaction between your brand and customer. The clock model has divided into three parts Pre-purchases branding, Purchase branding, and post-purchase branding. In that, the clock is a 12hours time frame model. In that, 12 – 4 indicates the Pre-purchase branding, 4-8 shows the Purchase branding, and 8-12 indicates the post-purchase branding.

Pre-purchase branding:

The pre-purchasing branding indicates the Advertisement, events, sponsorship, social media identity, and social activity. It may create new customers and says brand awareness.

Purchase branding:

Purchasing creates the customer experience. It making the purchase includes distribution, packing, store design, user reviews, user-generated content, and financing. It may create the kind of experience when they need to purchase and receive the product. Make the smooth and positive purchase as possible.

Post-purchase brand :

Post-purchase products are mostly neglected. It may create a way of presenting the product to the customer. Spending money and creating value for the product is essential. Post-purchase includes customer service, support, loyalty programs, warranties, and more.

The type of clock that looks like for the company has to be analyzed and predefined. Professor recommends finding opportunities for purchase and post-purchase. 

2. The Hurdles Framework :

In this method, the Brand strategy includes sustainability, relevance, and differentiation. Hurdles Framework creates the differentiation between your brand and the competitor that has been taught from the system. The effective differentiation between you and the competitor has been analyzed. Hurdles are like the type of strike.

 In this method, how the person makes struck the limitations and enriches the business has been explained. The building hurdles are like a seal off your brand. Legal barriers like patents, copyrights, and trademarks. The kind of assert like location, talent, trade secret, intellectual property, and brand names. 

3. Brand identity Model :

Brand identity is classified into three levels Brand essence, Core identity, and Extended identity. In that, the innermost layer is called brand essence; around that layer is called Core identity; the outermost layer is called Extended identity. 

Brand essence :

In the brand essence, the product should be a simple, visceral aspirational, and psychological need that your product has to answer. It may create a type of brand awareness among the public that how its product was differentiated from other brands.

Core identity :

The brand’s core identity is substantial, timeless, and classic in the outermost layer. 

Extended Identity :

When the product is in use creates an extended identity. After using the product, it may create an experience for the customer that makes the symbolic identity. 

The comprehensive identity is called an Extended identity. Experience and aspects that brings your brand to life. It may create a brand as a person, product, and organization and increase the positivity of the product. 

4. Thermometer Model :

Brand identity is static during the sprint changing depending on different factors, basically location. The best example of a thermometer model is Dindigul Thalappakatti biriyani. The restaurant was famous in india and extended its branch to other countries. At first, I had a taste of india, which was too spicy and the cost was low. After two weeks, I have a taste of Malaysia. The taste of the biriyani was less spicy, and the price was high compared to India.

scott galloway brand strategy


 The thermometer is the brand, and the logo, name, taste, etc., become the brand identity. The logo and brand name are at the freezing point, whereas product and communication are set at the nonfreezing point. It may change on the borderline. So, it was called as Thermometer model. 

Conclusion :

It may create a lot of value for the brand. The sprint is a valuable course by the founder and CEO who wants to create a unique brand. By the method, strategists, marketers, designers, and other great professionals who wish to create a brand make use of the system. The course is helpful for the full-time professional person and has to be completed in three weeks. 

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