Coca-Cola Brand Ambassador – Qualities

Coca Cola Brand Ambassador :

 Coca-cola is the most famous brand which was producing carbonated soft drinks. The company was started in the 19th century by Mr.John Stith Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia, and occupies the global soft drinks market in the 20 – 21st century. It was made of Coca leaves and Kola nuts and merged as the name Coca-cola. It was used as a patent medicine that was effective in gastric phytobezoar dissolution. Coca-cola is the world’s 6th most valuable brand and export to more than 200countries with approximately a 1.8billion drinks each day. In 2018, coca-cola was in the world’s 87th position of the Fortune 500brands. The brand identity of the coca-cola brand is the red and white color logo. The logo attraction and unique glass bottle packaging are some of the brand identities. Such a famous brand also needs a brand ambassador. The brand ambassador is the person who creates brand awareness and builds trust among people. The brand ambassador can be changed frequently in the brand based on the popularity in society. The coca-cola company hires the brand ambassador with some following requirements.

Qualification for Coca-cola Brand Ambassador :

The company expects some essential qualifications to be a brand ambassador.

1. Education :

The brand ambassador should complete a higher school diploma or another equivalent degree in higher studies. It is an essential qualification from the education side.

2. Experience :

High experience in the guest-centric environment and has worked with a high volume of people. When working with high volume, it can tolerate stress. The person has high cash handling and sales experience needed.

3. Memory Power :

The person must be able to read and memorize the script. The words should be pronounced transparently to the audience when reading the script. It must be able to read transaction codes and follow the steps of the conveyor.

4. Physical Fit:

The person should be physically fit. In that, the person must stand, walk, climb, lift and use repetitive motion. It may take a chance to work outdoors and work in different temperatures. The place of advertisement may change from one season to another.

5. Share Information :

The person should be open-minded. The information from the person should be unique and circulated by sharing in a fun, friendly, and enthusiastic manner. It can work with all types of brand ambassadors in an accessible way.

6. Flexible:

The person should have flexibility in the schedule. It is open to working in the evening, on weekends, and on holidays. Most of the meetings are taken with the guest in the evening time. So time is not to be considered. 

7. Passion :

The person has loved the product of the brand. It can use the brand’s product and build relationships with the brand and people. It has a passion for uniquely expressing ideas. Every person has a difference in body language, character, and expression. Like that, the person has a unique power to describe the thought of the brand.

What does the Ambassador do for Coca-Cola :

Coca-Cola brand ambassdor

The everyday things that the ambassador has done for the brand.

  • The ambassador has to serve work as the on-site appearance.
  • The ambassador has embodied the company identity in appearance, personality, values, and ethics of the brand.
  • The ambassador has to share knowledge with the guest.
  • It has to ensure the guest experience what the guest expects from the most iconic brand.
  • The person should share with social media about the guest experience to inspire others to use the product and services.
  • Ambassador has to conduct and facilitate public and private tours for the corporate partners.
  • The ambassador has to assist the guest and express the brand’s uniqueness during the visit.
  • The person has to support the corporate event in the evening as the moonlight event.
  • The person has to keep the consumer and customer programs and build relationships with the brand and people.

Roles for Coca-Cola Brand Ambassador :

Some of the roles of brand ambassadors are

  1. Guest relationship ambassador,
  2. Character performer,
  3. Retail sales ambassador,
  4. Replenishment ambassador.

1. Guest Relationship Ambassador :

The Guest Relationship ambassador makes the first impression on the guest. The person who has made close contact with the guest from the time of arrival to the departure. The person gets feedback from the client about the function and brand.

2. Character Performer : 

Character performers express their talents through dance, music, stage entertainment, etc. The job description is described in the live show or recording. The person maintains the positive guest experience, participating in rehearsal, content creation with other artists, etc. 

apple brand ambassador

3. Retail Sales Ambassador :

Sales ambassador works to convert clients to sales. The person has yet to be in direct contact but is in touch with the sales team. The product feedback is collected from the clients and converted into improvement in the product.

4. Replenishment Ambassador :

The replenishment ambassador picks and packs the order for delivery. Make assist with inventory preparation and execution, and rotate products properly. The delivery has been made successfully and gives excellent guest service to shoppers.

Salary for Coca-Cola Brand Ambassador :

The salary for the Coca-cola brand ambassador has been changed from time to time. The brand ambassador has to work for 28hours/per week. The salary change from india to the United Kingdom. In Indian money, the salary of about 2,75,000 to 6,25,000 rupees. In the U.S dollar, the services are from $29000 to $55000. The fees for the ambassador are at the top level and may change on the position and experience. The brand ambassador work is Seasonal and Temporary to Permanent. The seasonal work is upto 3 to 4 months and only for peak sales. The permanent workers work full-time in regular sales.

Conclusion :

From the Coca-Cola brand ambassador, we have to enrich the qualities. When a machine has to start, it needs fuel, like the workers need the primary qualification for the brand ambassador post. In the world, all things are gets on hard and intelligent work. 

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