New Resource Demands Emerge in the Era of AI

Future of AI

Strong AI makes intelligence, precisely defined, abundant. This will be good for overall productivity, but other factors that keep the economy going will be less.


A long list of things that AI will change includes, in descending order of importance, childhood, democracy, the internet, chess, and how you decide where to go on vacation. Today, I would like to write about an area that touches me: economic policy. To start with a simple formula: output is the sum of inputs – land, labor, capital, etc. If one of these things is abundant, the others are rare, in terms of it, therefore it is high and cheap. Strong AI makes intelligence, well defined, abundant. This will be good for overall productivity, but other things will be less.

The first is land. With all this intelligence, there will be a need and desire to do many new jobs, from film production to production that is efficient and effective. These new projects can also herald a world of cheaper and greener energy, which will increase people’s ability to control the environment.

Therefore, land will be more valuable. One implication of this in politics is that the current struggle for change will be more important. Allow flexibility to address the many obstacles and delays facing infrastructure projects, including for green energy. Intellectually, this should be the most important thing right now. Otherwise, there may be hundreds or thousands of bright new ideas, but no way to build them in a timely manner. Similarly, the YIMBY movement will also appear prominently.

It’s hard to predict the exact impact AI will have on urban and rural environments, but they will likely change dramatically: urban vertical farming, perhaps, or more high-rise office buildings, but it’s a road made for driving. cars – just to name a few. Also, there will be funding for building and structural changes, which is in line with the YIMBY concept. Also Read:Top 10 Emerging brands in India

AI will also bring intelligent workers, so a lot of money will be needed – to support all these new ideas and services. This includes improving the tax treatment of capital and encouraging savings. The case for these changes may become more interesting in the next few years. Another area called for major changes is electricity policy, which is not one of the most important areas of the economy. But all AI calculations will require increased power. This will put more pressure on the green energy policy, as high crypto prices have done. In many poor countries, the reliability of electricity can become a bigger problem.

In this new world, the cost of one kilowatt-hour of electricity may be as familiar to most people as a gallon of gasoline, or perhaps a barrel of oil, or the federal tax rate. If users of the GPT type stop paying on demand, which seems likely, the price of electricity can become a topic of daily conversation, like the weather. What political issues might be irrelevant? My policy is immigration. GPT-4 has already passed various professional tests, from alcohol tests to medical qualifications to economic tests.Also Read: Elon Musk Twitter : Only Verified Accounts Can Vote In poll

The service still needs more integration with other software, but soon, the United States will add up to a million intelligent (but not physical) people to its service. I have long favored tripling American immigration, giving the United States an equal gift for everyone in Canada and Australia. It’s still a good idea, but it should be done differently. Instead of skilled immigration, the new priority may be low-wage immigrants. The United States may need a “restrictive” immigration policy, which prioritizes high-wage AI researchers and engineers, and workers such as low-wage workers.

AI researchers, by creating better AI, will be a substitute for many more skilled people who can immigrate. But all these new ideas will require people to turn them into practical work in the real world. Bottom line, importing human teachers from Europe doesn’t seem necessary anymore when you can ask AI instead.

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