Google suspends Pinduoduo due to Malware Found in App

Chinese App : Pinduoduo

Google announced on March 20 that it had identified several applications developed by Chinese company PDD Holdings as malware. Game store.



Google spokesman Ed Fernandez said that “non-Play apps that contain malware are included in Google Play Protect”, referring to apps that are not available on Google Play. This development was reported following concerns that the malware in the app embeds code that enables it to track user information and activity not only on Pinduoduo, but also on other apps.
Pinduoduo is an e-commerce giant with nearly 800 million active users.

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Google pulled the plug on users who installed these apps and suspended the company’s apps. Technology news website Tech Crunch reported that over the past two weeks, several Chinese security researchers have accused Pinduoduo of developing apps for Android that contain malware designed to spy on users.

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In an effort to reduce the problem of malware, Google has configured Google Play Protect, its security system for Android, to prevent users from installing malicious applications and warn those who have installed them, prompting them to remove the reported applications. Fernandez added that Google has suspended the official Pinduoduo app from the Play Store “for security reasons” as investigations into the malware are still ongoing.

Although Google Play is not available in China, anonymous security researchers told the tech news website that the malicious apps were found in traditional app stores from smartphone makers such as Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi.

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