Google denies utilizing ChatGPT’s data in AI chatBot Bard’s training

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Google released its own AI chatbot, Bard, somewhat chaotically last month. Bard, intended to compete with chatbot ChatGPT, was criticized for its lack of focus shortly after its launch.

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Bard made a serious mistake in his opening statement and Reuters said the same thing. Then, at a press conference in Paris, a gaffe left Google embarrassed when the display phone was missing. Previous reports have also suggested that the launch of ChatGPT has opened the way for a “code red” situation at Google’s office.

Google denied Bard’s training on ChatGPT data

Recently, The News reported that Google purchased Bard using data from ChatGPT. The tech giant, however, in a statement to The Verge, dismissed the allegations. “Bard is not aware of any data from ShareGPT or ChatGPT,” spokesman Chris Pappas told the publication. Google reportedly obtained ChatGPT data from a website called GPT.

The news also mentioned how former Google AI engineer Jacob Devlin left the company to join OpenAI. Apparently, a former Google employee warned Google not to use data from ChatGPT because it would damage OpenAI’s workflow. A source also told The News that Google stopped using ChatGPT data after the “initial user warning” ended.Also Read: Start the business with Business Intelligence for Manufacturing 

Bard was sent for public probation

Meanwhile, Google has recently released Bard for public testing. Chatbots were not originally available to the public. However, in a recent official blog post, Google announced that Bard will be available for testing with select users in the US and UK. People who want to use the new AI chatbot in the community should join the waiting list and wait for access.

When introducing Bard to the public, Google wrote on its blog: “You can use Bard to increase your productivity, improve your thinking, and increase your ambition. You can ask Bard for advice on how to reach your goal of reading more books this year, explain quantum physics in simple words, or inspire your energy by explaining a blog post. So far, we’ve learned a lot from testing Bard, and the next very important step to improve it is getting feedback from more people.”Also Read: Google Bard vs ChatGPT which is better AI chatbot?

Bard is new to the AI ​​space and is in the early stages of testing, so it will make a few mistakes from time to time. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has also warned his employees about possible Bard errors in email messages to employees, a CNBC report revealed.

“As more people start using Bard to test his abilities, they will surprise us. Things will get worse,” Pichai wrote in an email sent to Google employees.
Staff help test Bard

In the same email, Sundar Pichai also revealed that 80,000 Google users helped test Bard internally. The email read: “I am grateful to the Bard team who have been able to spend more time with Bard than anything else in the past few weeks. I am also very grateful to the 80,000 Googlers who have contributed try it on industrial dog food. We should be proud of this project and the years of technological advancements that got us here, including our 2017 Transformer review and foundational brands like Palm and BERT.”

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