Alert for 500 Rupee Note Holders: RBI Issues New Guidelines – Check Now

500 Rupee Note

It often happens that even when you withdraw money from an ATM, damaged or old bills are found. In such a situation, people get worried. But you don’t have to worry. For this you must check the RBI guidelines. This will solve your problems and your difficulties will disappear.

500 rupe

The Reserve Bank of India issues a note of 100,200,500 rupees, but after the demonetization across the country, many types of viral and fake note messages are emerging. If you also want to replace old mangled notes, you can now do that easily. For this, you can contact the nearest branch. There you can exchange paper money and coins. If two tickets have the same serial number, will they be considered valid? In this regard, the Reserve Bank indicates that it is possible that two or more currency notes have the same serial number, but have different inset letters or different years of issue or authorities. variety of Reserve Bank of India.

An inset letter is a character printed on top of a digital stamp of a banknote. Notes can also be without any inset letters. These are the ways to identify fake notes.
The Reserve Bank said in its instructions to identify the new 500 paper that a few days ago, it was said that the information on the 500 rupee note is fake, the green belt is not close to the signature of the governor of the RBI, either. of Gandhiji. Near this picture. Describing it as false, PIB tweeted that both types of notification are valid. RBI has also shared a PDF to help the common citizen identify the difference between genuine and fake Rs 500 notes.

How to identify inappropriate notes

If the notes have become dirty and have a lot of dirt in them, in this case, they are considered to be bad.
Many times, due to the length of the notes, the notes become vulgar or interesting. These tickets are not valid.
A note torn from the edge to the center is not good. If the area of ​​the dog’s ears shown in the note is more than 100 square millimeters, it will be considered unhealthy.
Notes with gaps greater than 8 millimeters are considered negative. Any graphic modification of a note is considered an inappropriate note.
If the ink in the pen is broken on the note, it is bad. If the color of the note fades, it is a bad note.
If there are things like tape, glue and notes, then the notes are considered inappropriate. If the color of the note changes, then in such a case, the note is considered inappropriate.Also Read: Big news! Safest Bank in India says RBI

Do you know what the RBI rules say?

As per the new Reserve Bank rules, if you also have old or damaged Rs 500 notes, you need not worry at all. You can get these notes back by visiting any bank branch. If the bank employee refuses to change your ticket, you can also file a complaint about this. It should be noted that the worse the condition of the bank, the lower its value. keep these things in mind

According to the RBI, any torn paper will be accepted only where part of it is missing, or which has more than two parts and is joined together, if no important part of it is missing. . If some special parts of the accounting document, such as the name of the authorized person, words of promise and promise, signature, Ashoka pillar, image of Mahatma Gandhi, watermark, etc. is missing, your ticket will not change. Dirty bills that are unusable due to long circulation in the market can also be exchanged.

You can edit changes like this

Say if you have a lot of hot bills or stuck together they can also be changed from RBI office but the bank won’t take them, you have to take them to the RBI issuing office He will remember and these things must be investigated. from the company that the damage to your note is genuine and not intentional damage.

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