5 Skills that Upgrade as Apple brand ambassador

Apple Brand Ambassador :

In today’s world, do you know Apple? It’s a silly question. Let’s start the session with some general things about apple. Apple is a multinational technology company specializing in consumer electronics, software development, and online services. The headquarters of apple was located in California, united states. As of June 2022 results, apple is the world’s biggest computer market by market capitalization, the fourth largest personal computer vendor by unit sales, and the second largest mobile phone manufacturer. In 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne were the three-person who started the Apple brand.

Apple brand ambassador


In 1980 the company became public due to some financial problems. In 1984, the products for manufacture became so high. So in 1985, Wozniak stepped back from apple. Let’s come to the topic. All companies use the brand ambassador to enrich the sale of the company. For example, Samsung brand uses BTS as its brand ambassador and Huawei with Lionel Messi. But for apple, only Steve Jobs. In the meeting with the public, Steve Jobs says that our products like AirPods, Macbooks, and iPhones are the brand ambassador for his own company.

The speech says that the company products are good in quality, so we need not have a brand ambassador. But by default, for some reason, the company uses the brand ambassador. The best reason is Apple’s share price has been reduced, but the brand’s sales must remain the same. Let’s see some of the brand ambassador roles that were in apple to normal to public people.

Brand Ambassador:

apple brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is a tool to communicate and connect the brand and people. The ambassador creates the brand as a humanized product and builds a relationship with the public. Ambassadors are taken place in three categories as H1, H2, and H3. H1 becomes the high rate of ambassador and most famous person in public. Another two are for sales checking and collecting feedback from the public about the product. The brand does not say that a particular ambassador is global but has changed by place based on the need to sell in the place. The salary may differ based on experience, job performance, etc. 

Job Responsibilities:

All jobs have some responsibilities that have to work for the company.

1. Event Planning:

Event planning is the process of how the plan has been executed. It starts from the event start and end date, budget, venue, marketing about the event, attendance, and more. It has to be planned before and maintained by the brand ambassador.

2. Product Demo :

After launching the product, the product should be shown to the public through social media. The review should be shown which was more positively expressing to the people which attract more people. Product demos should be known to all classes of people to express the brand ideas.

3. Connecting with Student Groups : 

Brand ambassadors should be connected with the student group to enrich the sales of the brand when the students are interlinked to form a group like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., and other social media. When in contact with some student groups, it leads to gathering one region community. So, the brand ambassador has an interlinking character.

4. Driving Apple Initiatives:

Mostly the ambassador has a problem-solving capacity. At any time, the person has to be open-minded. It can find the problem and solves it most innovatively. It was like customer and brand bonding and also worked as customer service. 

5. Fostering Campus Relationships:

The person has connected with the students who have the idea to join apple. He has an idea of the hiring process and the best way to hire students.

Salary :

The ambassador’s salary has changed on experience, the role of work, work performance, etc. Mostly the salary of the apple brand ambassador is $30k to 52k in the U.S dollar. It may change from the cost of living in the place. 

Conclusion :

The market share of apple is not the important thing. Apple focuses on the product that quality should be good for the customer. Products and services should be customized based on the customer’s needs. In that big brand, the apple brand ambassador also has a customized way. It creates loyalty to the customer. Create the chance to become the apple brand ambassador of the brand.


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