₹13937 Crore Solar Cell Project Awarded to 11 Companies, Including Reliance, Tata Power, and JSW Energy

Solar Cell Project

The agreement is for the establishment of 39.6 GW of solar photovoltaic module manufacturing capacity under the second phase of the government’s PLI program.

solar photovoltaic
Green energy giants Reliance Industries Ltd, Tata Power Company Ltd and JSW Energy Ltd are among the winners for setting up photovoltaic (PV) modules under the government’s energy-related incentive scheme. Production (PLI) (Tranche-II) .

The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), which is the nodal agency of the scheme, announced the winners on March 28 who will receive a total of Rs 13,937,575 for setting up 39.6 gigawatts (GW) in the second phase of the phase. the second. PLI method. On September 21, the Union Cabinet approved the second phase of the PLI program for the development of solar photovoltaic modules, with an expenditure of Rs 19,500 crore. This part of the initiative seeks to support the establishment of a production capacity of 65 GW per year of full and partial solar photovoltaic modules.

Also Read: Secure Your Health: The Important of Health Insurance. Minister for Power and Renewable Energy RK Singh said: “The PLI program has proved to be a watershed event in India’s renewables sector, bringing about 48 GW of domestic generation capacity into for the next three years. This program has boosted the government’s efforts to reduce not only the impact of global disruptions on the supply chain, but also our dependence on imports, in line with the Honorable Prime Minister’s vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

The ministry said a total capacity of 7,400 MW will be operational from October 2024, followed by another 16,800 MW capacity from April 2025 and the remaining 15,400 MW capacity from April 2025. April 2026. Tranche II of the PLI program is planned hope it will bring something. investment amounting to Rs 93,041. It will also create a total of 1,01,487 jobs, of which 35,010 will be direct jobs and 66,477 indirect jobs.

A total capacity of 8,737 MW is scheduled under Tranche-I of the Plan, in November-December 2022. Taking these two sectors together, the total solar PV module manufacturing capacity allocated under the PLI scheme is 48,337 MW, with government subsidies totaling over Rs. 18,500 crore.Also Read: Airtel challenges Jio with an unlimited 5G data plan offer

Tier II Champions

SECI has issued an online call for bids for the selection of photovoltaic solar module manufacturers that can offer under three baskets – Polysilicon-ingots-wafers-cells-modules (PWCM), ingots-wafers-cells-module (WCM ) and cell-modules. (CM). In the PWCM scheme, Indosol Solar Private Limited will provide PLI funds of Rs 3,300 crore, Reliance New Solar Energy Limited will provide Rs 3,098.04 crore and India Solar Ventures Private Limited will provide Rs 1,177,573.

These three plants generate a capacity of 15,400 MW, of which the capacity eligible for PLI will be 7,700 MW. In the WCM scheme, PLI funds will be allocated to Waaree Energies Limited (Rs 1,923.24 crore), Avaada Ventures Private Limited (Rs 961.62 crore), ReNew Solar (Shakti Four) Private Limited (Rs 1,538.592 crore) and JSWable Technologies. Rs 320.54 crore) and Grew Energy Private Ltd (Rs 566.71 crore.Also Read: Brand strategy roadmap

These companies will produce a capacity of 16,800 MW, half of which is eligible for PLI. In the CM scheme, PLI funds will be allocated to Vikram Solar Limited (Rs 528.54 crore), AMPIN Solar One Private Limited (Rs 139.72 crore) and Tata Power Solar Limited (Rs 383 crore). These plants generate a total of 7,400 MW, of which half of the capacity is eligible for PLI.


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